FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us?

Goki Australia Pty. Ltd
Level 5, 121 Exhibition Stree
Melbourne, 3000 VIC

Toll Free: 1300 108 497
Email: info@goki-toys.com.au

How can I order your items?
• Order form
• Letter or post card
• E-Mail: info@goki-toys-com.au
• Onlineshop: www.goki-toys.com.au
• Telephone: 1300 108 497
Is there a minimum order amount or quantity?

The quantity of the minimum order for our products is given in the the item texts/description under selling unit (piece, set or display). The number of pieces per shipping carton is only for your guidance, if you want to order large quantities.

What about the pricing and delivery charge? prices?

The prices are ex warehouse Adelaide, SA.
GST will be added to the prices if you do not indicate your GST number. There are no packing costs to be paid. You will be charged for the delivery as follows:

Order Value                            Delivery charges
$           0.00 to $ 999.99     $ 30.00
$ 1,000.00 to 1,499.99     $ 20.00
$ 1,500.00 and over            FREE!

Are there any discounts?

Certainly! There is a special discount of 2% on payment within 10 days from date of invoice.

How can I pay my invoice?
  • We accept these credit card payments: VISA and Mastercard
  • We accept cheque payment to Goki Australia Pty. Ltd
  • Direct Bank Account Payments


When do the merchandise arrive?

As fast as possible! We will despatch your merchandise within 2 working days! We try to keep every item in stock. However, it´s possible that a manafacturer´s delivery may be delayed or an item is in higher demand than anticipated. Under this circumstances we request your patience.

IMPORTANT: We put all undeliverd items on back order and deliver them as soon as the goods included the back order have arrived here and as soon as a minimum stock (through orders and/or subsequent deliveries) of $ 300.00 net has been accumulated.

Please let us know if you do not want this procedure.

I am a new customer – do I have credit with you?

We are looking forward to working with you. Somebody who wants to buy from us can´t be bad and that is why we normally grant a credit of $ 1,800.00 (provided that the result oft he credit check is favourable).

However we do expect you to pay your invoice within 30 days from date of invoice.


Do regular customers also have a credit?

Yes, they do. And if you normally pay your invoices on time, the credit limit might be raised – just ask us!

Will you also deliver to foreign countries?

Wherever you want! However, be aware that there are additional costs. (i.e. for freight costs). We only charge you for the incurred costs.

Please note also that your bank payments must arrive free of charge for us.

And if there is a problem?

Contact us directly by phone. We will find a satasfying solution for you. The customer always comes first!

And finally...

If yomething has annoyed you or somebody has made a mistake

or you think we could improve our service

or you have a very special request – just give us a call, we are here for you!