Our Toy Brands
…Quality, Social Responsibility, Sustainability and a Fair Price is what matters to us!

With over 40 years experience in the toy industry, we are one of the leading wooden toy manafacturer and wholesaler in Europe.


  • Child-oriented play value, lovingly crafted, functional design and contemporary colours
  • Continuous product quality checks in our own laboratory and by certified testing institutes
  • Dyes: suitable for toddlers, generally water-based dyes. All dyes are permitted for children’s toys.

Goki nature

  • 100% ecological · 0% chemical spoilsports
  • No dyes: Different colouring of individual woods thanks to special, thermal treatment.
  • Gokinature combines the high demands of parents for a safe and educationally high-quality toy.
  • Ecological, haptic, strong in sales


  • Made in Germany – 100% handmad
  • Baby toys made of wood
  • Essential for the basic development of sense perception (hearing, seeing, touching), for motor development, for promoting coordination
  • Provide a feeling of warmth, security and are always pleasing to the touch

Goki Susibelle

  • The enchanting toy world of Goki
  • Unique colour scheme, cheerful characters
  • Stylish packaging design
  • Wooden toys meet lifestyle


  • Made in Europe
  • handcrafted from solid maple wood
  • rounded edges
  • hand-painted with non-toxic water-based paints
  • more than 160 figures have the „spiel gut“ seal of approval